Visibility Code Game

2-hour interactive business game providing solutions for your professional growth


  • Higher Income

  • Career Promotion

  • New Product Launch

  • Team Growth

  • Level-up in life and business

  • Public Recognition

Who is this game for?

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Corporate Professionals

  • Business Leaders

  • Self-Employed Experts

  • Public Figures

Game Request Examples

  • How to make more money

  • Affordable ways to gain public recognition

  • How to become more visible on the market

  • How can I become a thought leader or influencer in my niche

  • What can I do to attract top experts to my team / valuable partnerships

  • Where do I drain my energy and

  • How to step out of the shade

  • Where to find motivation to keep going

Why play the game?

No losers or winners

You play for yourself, your growth and results

Innovative Approach

Insights and solutions to achieve your goals when everything else didn`t work

3 in 1 Experience

Having fun
Networking with like-minded people

Guaranteed Game takeaway

Individual plan with actions and steps you will implement right after the game

Game Master

Liliya Ishkaeva

  • Personal Brand Strategist

  • Business Masterminds Host

  • I Brand Agency Founder

  • NAATGP Director & Co-Founder

  • Author & International Speaker

Feel The Vibe

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